Add a botanical element to your water feature, only with Planter Fountains.

About Planter Fountains

One-of-a-Kind Design

Planter Fountains are unique in many ways. For starters, they are fully functional works of art.*

The means to creating these triumphs of form and function are the end-result of years of first-hand knowledge that comes from a lifetime of working with stone, and with patented plans constructed for something that's never been done before:

PORTABLE FOUNTAINS. You heard right. No longer relegated to parks and businesses (who can request custom, big fountains in the order section), now any individual can create a sacred space with a small, personal, customizable fountain. These are fully functional and ideal for restaurants, offices, yoga studios, and more.

What's more, these fountains include yet ANOTHER patented technology: magnetic, interchangeable plates to suit any event or scenario. Learn more at the Personalized Plates menu above.

Choose between three sizes of personal, portable fountains: Breadbox, Desktop, and Garden.

According to several studies, fountains have an array of therapeutic benefits for a variety of different conditions. To learn more, click here.

*Any product sold or fabricated by Barnhill Artistic Stone Works is subject to full legal protection by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and any violation thereof will be pursued in court to the fullest extent of the law.


About Us


stone fences made by Scott Barnhill

We boast years of experience, honing skills that are unmatched and unrivaled not only in the state, but applied on a global scale. No other masonry establishment has aquascape fountains.

Hand-made, Artisan-laid

Fountains that rock by Scott Barnhill

Every fountain is made by hand, and must meet our personal quality standards in order to carry the Barnhill seal of approval. Just as every stone in every piece is unique, each fountain is a one-of-a-kind and functional mosaic.

Interchangeable, Personalized Plates


With Planter Fountains' unique magnetic plate design, you can alter your fountain to suit the holidays, special events, or even your mood! It's YOUR fountain, YOUR personal style!


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